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Meet: Helen Chik

We caught up with blogger babe Helen Chik to chat travel essentials, fashion & her fave hangs in the 852 …

What are you up to right now?

Catching up on my to-do list since returning from Bali and New Zealand and trying to get on top of my work before heading back overseas.

What do you love the most about Hong Kong?

The cultural diversity and how easy it is to establish a group of connections in a small amount of time. The food is incredible and nothing beats eating at local eateries here.

Tell us your favorite hangs in the 852?

Well I absolutely love wandering around the Soho area with all it’s various bars and restaurants. I also love the element of chaos that you find in the markets in Mongkok. I was also recently introduced to this really cool bar called Ophelia in Wan Chai that I absolutely LOVED! The vibe and aesthetic inside was just so unique.

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