Kate Adams has always been a bit out of the box; some would say entrepreneurial, she would say “big dreams, no limits and an unwavering sense of determination”. Couple this with her love of science, pets, innovation and technology and we arrive at a breadth of experience across various industries. Her love of learning and my natural aptitude for science and pets led her to become the owner of Bondi Vet Hospital in Sydney as well as Non-Executive Director at biotechnology company, Cannpal.

Today, in her role, as a founder of an Australian tech startup, Thankly, she is motivated to simplify the conversation around science and tech in order to ‘open the door’ to getting more women and girls involved in the Australian tech startup ecosystem. While her childhood was conducive to learning and challenging the status quo she knows that not every child, particularly young girls, grows up with this same environment and disposition.

"Live my dream with no limits and an unwavering sense of determination,"

Tech entrepreneur, media vet, science & tech nerd. Advocate for women in STEM, Owner of Bondi Vet Hospital, Founder @thanklyaus



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