Back in 2000 – on 15th September to be exact (it was a Friday) – two people met completely at random. Realising they shared many insights into the world around them, Christina and Jim decided to explore that world together and see just how accurate those insights really were.

If you want to find travel tips, great recipes and restaurants, cocktails and bars, and everything else in between for you and your partner, you’re in the right place. They are all about finding the romance in the everyday.

The key word is ‘together’ – that’s their secret to romance. Together Christina and Jim love to travel, to eat, to drink and most of all to laugh. Being serious is not one of our favourite pastimes, so please read their blog with the same smile on your face they have when they write it.

"Creating lasting memories around belongings & experiences"

Published ebook: How to Host the Perfect Cocktail Party



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