Driver: Consideration & Relevance

Client: Steggles

Mission: Client wanted Steggles at the heart of a movement to put family meal times back on the table.

Insight: With the everchanging modern world, family is still #1 and food is a connector that brings us all together.


  • Create brand preference & deeper engagement by being more than a chicken brand
  • Drive association of the Steggles brand as being at one with the key communication message “We’re Stegglers for Quality Time” . At the same time, ensure the content provided evergreen for Steggles
  • Create deeper engagement via highly respected Australian Lifestyle influencers.

Strategy: To allow our trusted voices to create a deeper family connection by sharing their quality ideas during school holidays. At the same, to ensure the content provided longevity for the Steggles brand.

Platforms: Led by blog, shared with all key social platforms.


  • 30 Content Pieces across 5months
  • Reached 1,56M People
  • 194,500 Impressions
  • Total Engagements: 24,400
  • Highest Engagement Rate: 12.0%
  • Lowest CPE: $0.03 from Woogsworld
  • Average Time Spent across the entire campaign: 2:59mins

Content Creators:

Fat Mum Slim  Idea: Free Printable Kids Conversation Cards I Chicken Tacos Recipe

Woogsworld Idea: You are so going to want to cook this for dinner!


Paging Fun Mum  Idea: Family Minute To Win It  Games

School Mum  Idea: 10 Free Summer Holiday Activities

Stay at Home Mum  Idea: 3 Simple Chicken Recipes to Introduce Your Kids to Cooking

Source: *GA across Woogsworld, FMS & PFM & all Facebook, Instagram & Twitter platforms.